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Facts and figures

The Facts and Figures in this section are drawn from the upcoming edition of the World Water Development Report on Water and Energy that will be published in March 2014 and launched on the occasion of World Water Day celebrations in Tokyo, Japan.

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Pollution by fossil fuels

Approximately 15–18 billion m3 of freshwater resources are contaminated by fossil fuel production every year.


Biodiesel and water

China's target to produce 12 million metric tonnes of biodiesel by 2020 requires an amount of water approximately equivalent to the annual discharge of the Yellow River.


Biofuels and food prices

The demand for biofuels feedstock is the largest source of new demand for agricultural production in decades, and it was a major factor behind the 2007−08 spike in food prices.

Geothermal electricity potential

The installed worldwide geothermal electricity capacity could be increased from the current 10 GW to 70 GW with present technology, and to 140 GW with enhanced technology.

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