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Countdown to World Water Day 2014:
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Winners of the Facebook Photo Competition


To help raise awareness and celebrate World Water Day, we held a Facebook Photo Competition from January 15th to February 28th 2014 asking World Water Day fans to submit a photo that best reflected the 2014 theme of Water & Energy.

We received so many great submissions (207 to be exact!) that each told their own unique story.  Some reflected on the technological innovations created through the use of combining water and energy, while others shared the narratives of the bottom billion who do not have adequate access to water, sanitation, and electricity. The photos were diverse but the overall message was the same — water requires energy and energy requires water. The choices concerning the supply, distribution, price, and use of water and energy impact one another.  Therefore, it is important to remember that spreading awareness on the linkages between these two sectors will improve coordination in energy and water planning!

A big “thank you!” to all that entered and voted; your excellent submissions and public votes truly reflected an international perspective on the 2014 World Water Day Water & Energy theme!   

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1st Place (Most Public Facebook Votes)

Murli Menon, Water Preserves the Earth

2nd Place (Second Most Public Facebook Votes)

Kadek Liberia Arya Kusuma, Pure Water for Pure Energy

3rd Place (Third Most Public Facebook Votes)

Joseph Galea, Water Gives Energy


Critic’s Choice

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Salinity

Andrea Trunz, Water & Electricity: Anywhere, Anytime

Kabita Gautam, Water, the Light of Life

Honourable Mention

Ankit Jain, The Power of Concentration

Rudi Dundas, Water is Life

Esau Beltran, Found at Los Esclavos River, Guatemala

Sandesh Timilsina, Preparing Land

Narayan Patel, Drinking Water

Tushar Cundro Ray, Satisfaction

Francis Turkelboom, Salt Collection

Khatia Tsikhistavi, The Power of Water

Sumon Yusuf, Water Crisis

Chris Arbuckle, The Glory Hole

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