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By Marjory Louis-Mard, Saut-d'eau Haiti


"Parenthood is a multi-dimensional function which offers endless opportunities for parents to connect and bond with their children. One of my many responsibilities as a mother is to teach to my daughter the importance of being a good steward of the environment, to share with her my passion for nature and gardening at an early age. We are experimenting urban farming from our home in Port-Au-Prince and we really enjoy working together in our newly created artisan plant nursery where we grow natural sponge from Luffa then we'll later transplant to Saut d'Eau where our plants will continue to grow. I found it an imperative to demonstrate to my daughter, the invaluable importance of water through gardening and its various utilization in our daily lives; Water is a natural element essential and absolutely necessary to our survival, therefore any action small or big aim at raising awareness whether publicly or privately around its protection is noble, that is why I choose to and will remain a permanent advocate."

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