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Latest UN data on Water and Jobs


For the first time, the United Nations World Water Development Report will not only be launched in English but also in Spanish and French. The Executive summary of the Report will also be made available in all 6 UN languages as well as in Italian, Portuguese and Hindi.

The report is as previous years launched on on 22nd March 2016 the official World Water Day celebrations, this year held in ILO Headquarters in Geneva.

To disseminate the key findings and to add momentum to the official launch, briefing session are hosted in Paris on 24 March and in New York on 29 March. In parallel, various regional events on the topic ‘Water and Jobs’ are hosted globally.



The United Nations World Water Development Report 2016, titled "Water and Jobs" contains the latest findings, fact and figures.  Follow UN-Water on Twitter and FaceBook to learn more.

Read more about the launch here and on the UNESCO WWAP website. 



 WWD_Agenda_2016.16.03 .pdf
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