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Green Washing


Normally, the term "greenwashing" is negative , indicating that an organization is trying to make its products seem more sustainable than they are. But that is not the case for L'Inattendu, a clothing company founded in Maritius in 1988 by Ms. Aline Wong.

Instead, Ms. Wong has striven to make L'Inattendu a model of sustainability for the clothing industry, slashing her water use by choosing alternatives to cotton and adopting green washing practices. She hopes to continue to stay at the cutting edge of the industry while focusing on social and environmental impacts of her business. "My company's mission statement is to be flexible and creative. I look into avenues of innovation and technology in order to expand."


This entrepreneur is selected for the EMPRETEC Women in Business Award to be given during the UNCTAD World Investment Forum 14 in Nairobi later in July.  

Photo credit: Karlbert via / CC BY-NC-SA

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