Terms & Conditions

By using the World Water Day and/or World Toilet Day logo you agree to use the logo in accordance with the requirements set forth herein:

The logo(s) may be used in promotional materials only if it is directly associated with the official Campaign(s);

The logo(s) may not be used on commercial products or on packaging;

The logo(s) may not appear on or in connection with any marketing materials for any commercial company/organization other than the one hosting an activity related to the campaign;

The logo(s) should not be altered in any manner. This includes its font, proportions, colours (other than the unofficial pallette), elements or location of any of the text or graphics. You should not animate, morph, or otherwise
distort the logo(s);

The United Nations name and the UN-Water name or any potentially confusing variations may never be incorporated as part of the name of a product or service of your organization/company.

By using the logo(s) you also agree not to register or otherwise attempt to obtain rights in this logo or any confusingly similar mark.

Your license to use the logos will terminate no later than termination or expiration of your activities in relation to the World Water Day and/or World Toilet Day campaign celebrated. Notwithstanding any other termination provision, however, UN-Water reserves the right to terminateyour right to use the logos for any use that does not conform to these requirements, that infringes on UN- Water’s intellectual property or other rights, or that violates other applicable law.